African Boreholes Brochure v2013African Boreholes Engineering , fabricates pre-fabricated pressed steel tanks also known as Braithe Waite Tanks. Our designs are safe and economical and comply to relevant BS standards. We are registered as contractors with the ministry of Water and irrigation (ref registration no. WD/WRC 001/175). ABI is also registered with the Ministry of Public Works as a building contractor class ‘D’.  We also do fabricate and construct steel towers for the popular moulded plastic tanks. Call today for your free quotation!

Benefits & Features of steel tanks

  • Easily dismantled for removal to another site.
  • Storage capacities from 2,000 liters to over 1 million liters.
  • Rugged, all galvanized steel construction to suite all conditions (aluminum coated option available)
  • Pressed steel tanks can be provided for ground level installation or elevated on steel structures that are specifically designed and supplied.
  • Complies with relevant BS standards